«So you have given your time and money into creating your short film and now you want people to see it. You may be done with festivals or may have chosen
to ignore them. The internet is now clearly the best way to get it out there.
FILMSshort is the highest ranking site for short films across English-speaking Google searches. Thousands of people visit the site every week and the home page is the site’s most viewed page. You can now have your film embedded on the home page for a week for $70/£45. It will be one of only two films on the page, sitting just below the film of the week. Contact me for more info.»

Ed @

Killerbunny TV

«KBTV jobber med noen få samarbeidspartnere og en liten, håndfull personer lager alt på siden. Vi åpner nå for å teste systemet og komme i gang. Vi jobber konstant med nye innslag og forbedringer av siden. Vi vil høre dine meninger!»

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